ADULT galleries in the CLEAN section

Hi Everyone.

This news is just a notice to tell you that create galleries using tags that has nothing to do with the gallery.

Keep doing this and you will either get these galleries removed or you will not be able to post galleries on URL Galleries portal page any more. You will not be able to add tags either!

It is allowed to use tags like the name of your blog, so that users can find the galleries on your blog. But thats how far as it goes, YOUR TAGS MUST have something to do with your gallery!

Same goes for you that posts ADULT galleries in the CLEAN section, this will either get your galleries removed, or your account closed down.

You that currently does this, we know who you are, and your galleries has already been modified not to be visible on URL Galleries portal page.

This is not open for a discussion. It is simple, keep the basic rules and we will not mind what you do. no more visit